Day 2 Everyday Gratitude

by Bonnidette(site manager)

Everyday Gratitude

Everyday Gratitude

Gratitude is not just about being grateful for the obviously good things in your life, but finding gratitude in the hidden little gems of life as well (evryday gratitude). It?s about not taking those little things for granted. I am so blessed in my life and there are many big things I can be grateful for, but what about those little things that make up our every day. So, I thought for this morning I would start with a list of little things that added together makes my life a happy thing. All those little things that if I just take a moment an recognize them, they could bring a smile to my face.

I?m going to ask you to join me in this challenge. For the next 10 minutes simply right down all the little things in your day to day life that come to mind in the next 10 minutes, you can be grateful for. Ready, set, go?

My mornings?I love early mornings when the it?s still dark out and everyone is still asleep. It feels as if the whole world is at peace and I feel most alive.

My morning coffee? When I take a sip it takes me back to childhood, just the smell of it brewing brings a smile to my face, because the memories it stirs.

Vanilla caramel creamer for my coffee.. It?s not my parents coffee, but it sure tastes fantastic

The morning sunrise? So beautiful with the many colors it produces over the horzan a burst of sunlight that says this is going to be a magical day. It really is like watching God perform a miricle each and every morning.

Humming birds. Every morning before I start work on the computer I sit outside for my first few sips of coffee and right of the front step I have a hummingbird feeder. I just discovered this beautiful thing last year. I never knew I had hummingbirds in the area and one morning while sipping my coffee one stopped just a few inches from my face and flew in place as if to say good morning. Now with my little feeder, I see these magnificent animals every morning.

My morning drive to the office. Yes sometimes it is rushed, but I love the quite moments in my car to talk to god and reflect on my morning and the day ahead.

My truck. I have been driving the same truck for 11 years. I used to think of it as a burden because I couldn?t afford a new vehicle, now it is more like a both a blessing and a challenge to see just how long I can keep her running. I drive a lot so with over 200,000 miles I feel proud to say I have had a vehicle this long and she is still truckin right along.

Getting dressed up for the office? Corny to some, but I used to work in construction and many other jobs that required unflattering clothing, dress clothes were not on the radar, so today I get a little getty that I can get ?dressed up? for the office.

Jean day. So on Fridays I were jeans. Sure I love to get dressed up, but nothing feels as good on as your favorite pair of worn out jeans.

O.K, I could keep going, but my 10 minutes are up. What did you come up with in these 10 minutes. Didn?t do the challenge yet? No worries you have time to do it now. Give yourself just 10 minutes and just start writing down those little things in your day to day life you would normally take for granted and write them down. I promise it will give your day a jump start.

I?d love to here what you came up with in your 10 minutes, please share with us what your everyday gratitude list looks like. Remember it only takes 10 minutes to get your day off to a great start and if you are reading this in the middle of the day, it is never to late to give your day a new start.

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