Day 18 Gratitude stones

by Bonnidette (site manager)

Gratitude stones have become more and more popular over the last few years. What is a gratitude stone, you ask? It is a rock or stone that you keep with you to remind you to be grateful.

You can purchase a gratitude rock from a number of different vendors, however I believe the best gratitude stones are the ones we find outside off the beaten path.Why pay for something that you can get for free is my motto. Also a gratitude rock should have some significance to you or the power is minimal.

A gratitude rock is just a tool, it serves as a reminder to be grateful and I believe that if an object is to serve as a reminder it should have a story of some kind, and not the story "a I bought it on the internet".

The idea of a gratitude stone is very simple, you can carry it around in your pocket or put it on display in a place you will see frequently throughout your day and it should represent something for which you are grateful for.

In all reality, this doesn't have to be a stone at all, you could use a number of other objects as well. For some it is a piece of jewelry, a special sweater, a special ink pen, or a number of other things.

It really doesn't matter what the object is as long as it invokes the emotion of gratitude within you. Remember this is just a tool. My challenge for you today is to find that item that can be a reminder of your gratitude and make it one that has a story.

Go outside and take a walk, think about what you are grateful for and when you are in a state of utter gratitude, look around and see if you can find that perfect gratitude stone or walnut or acorn or a shiny piece of glass. This little trinket can be carried around and when you are having a rough day you can pull it out and be reminded of the gratitude you were feeling when you found it.

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