Day 15 Gratitude at Work

by Bonnidette (site manager)

Gratitude at work. You can look at the title of today’s post in two different ways. The first Showing gratitude in your work environment and second seeing what being grateful can produce in your life. I say today we tackle both of these.

First how do you show your gratitude in your current work environment?

Here are just a few examples of what I do:
Telling my coworkers thank you when they have done something nice or have helped me out in some way.
Sometimes I pick up a card for my co workers.
I have been known to bring breakfast in for my coworkers.
I have created special certificates and have even made homemade plaques for them (this seems more fun than a professional plaque)
Sometimes I will leave a post it on their desk with a kind word.

What are the ways you show gratitude at work?

Second, how is gratitude at work in your life.

I have hundreds of examples, but I will share just a couple and ask you to share a few as well.

Being grateful for my coworkers and showing them my gratitude has made my work place a great place to work. For example, I told a few people how much I appreciate them going out of their way to order supplies that were needed instead of calling me every time something was needed and now more and more people are taking on the task to order what is needed when it is needed and I get they simply text me to know it has been done. Less work for me and they feel like they are doing me a favor. Win Win.

Being grateful for my partner and telling her exactly what I am grateful for has given me more of it. For example, I told her how much I appreciate that she makes my coffee in the morning and what do you know, she always makes me a pot of coffee before I get up in the morning. (well most days) I tell her thank you and she tells me she loves how such a small thing can make me so appreciative and she is happy to do it.

On the flip side she tells me how much she appreciates when I cook and I can’t wait to make dinner. Funny how this works. I always liked to cook, but now I can’t wait to make her dinner. This is gratitude at work for sure.

How is gratitude showing up for you. Have you seen the effects it can have in your life?

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