Day 12
Infinite Love and Gratitude

by Bonnidette (site manager)

Gratitude is great, but did you know there is one emotion stronger than gratitude? It is love and if you combine the two, the power it creates can be unmatched by anything else in the world. So, today I want to talk to you about infinite love and gratitude and how you can use the two of these together to create a powerful life for yourself.

Today I want to challenge you to think of someone or something you love or someone or something you are grateful for and see if you can apply both infinite love and gratitude to them.

For example I am grateful for my home, but I also have and infinite love for it. I can look around at this home I have created and made my own with my own two hands and be grateful for the shelter it provides and at the same time LOVE every aspect of it.

Another example, I love my partner with a child like agape love, no matter what the love is there, however I am also editably grateful for her as well. Grateful for all the little things she does and for the way she loves, the way she gives and the way she is.

These two things in my life are phenomenal. If I were just grateful for one of these, but did not have love for them or the other way around if I loved them, but was not grateful for them. They would be good, but not great and I can tell you both my home and my partner are two of the most amazing things in my life.

I am not grateful for them and I don't love them because they are great, in fact it is the other way around. They are great because I have infinite love and gratitude for them.

I could give you example after example of this in my life, but today I will take on this challenge as well and ask myself what is it that I love and do not show my gratitude toward and vise versa. I invite you to do the same.

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