Creativity and the Inspired Life... Wisdom in Words

by Jaeda DeWalt
(Seattle, Wa. USA)

Each of us are an incredibly unique thread, woven into the beautiful fabric, of our collective consciousness. ~Jaeda DeWalt

Whomever you truly are… honor that person. No dream was ever realized by disappearing into the shadows of self-deceit and doubt. ~Jaeda DeWalt

Feelings add vividness to our experiences, they are the key connecting threads, in the universal fabric we share. ~Jaeda DeWalt

Your imagination, is a gift, unwrap it. ~Jaeda DeWalt

Happiness is created and not found, it’s a state of mind and in its best form, it stands independent of life circumstances. ~Jaeda DeWalt

Art invites us to become explorers and excavators of our vast internal landscapes, discovering new terrain and digging deep into the past to unearth forgotten experiences and emotion. ~Jaeda DeWalt

Make your pain productive and you can transform tragedy into triumph. ~Jaeda DeWalt

As i watch the dark shadows slowly drift across my emotive landscape, like clouds, heavy with rain… i am reminded that behind the darkness, behind the pain, is the ever-present light of love, hope and new beginnings… every sunrise and sunset, reminds me of this… ~Jaeda DeWalt

Ecstasy is orchestrating the body, into a beautiful song, that sings the praises of the heart and soul. ~Jaeda DeWalt

There are times i wish i was a master magician so i could disappear into the folds of time, without consequence, without missing a beat. As an introvert, i need so much time to myself. I feel expansive and peaceful in my own space, constricted and chained, when confined to social situations. I can’t blossom when pressed against everyone else. ~Jaeda DeWalt

When we learn how to become resilient, we learn how to embrace the beautifully broad spectrum of the human experience. ~Jaeda DeWalt

Enjoying life is like being a skilled surfer. It’s about learning how to ride out each wave, mastering the unpredictable ups and downs, and achieving balance. ~Jaeda DeWalt

Fluidity, movement and motion… i like the challenge of creating these visual elements, within the confines, of the still image. ~Jaeda DeWalt, Photographer

Give and receive with gratitude. Do the former, without expectation of, the latter. ~Jaeda DeWalt

My past takes no hostages, no prisoners. I’ve let go of yesterday and am free to receive the beautiful gift of the present. ~Jaeda DeWalt

What i love about the photographic medium is its ability to, freeze in time, our most prized possessions… allowing us to revisit and relive them, whenever we choose. For me, that prized possession is emotion. ~Jaeda DeWalt

I love the way silence softly envelops my soul. It’s why i prefer working at night, while the city sleeps… it is the best time to hear myself think, hear myself dream. ~Jaeda DeWalt, Artist

Art gives those unexpressed parts of ourselves permission to be felt and spoken. ~Jaeda DeWalt

Like many artists, i have an almost desperate drive to put my soul on display… to take my interior world and turn it inside out for all to see, absorb and examine. My hope is that my creative compulsions serve a positive purpose. ~Jaeda DeWalt

Needless suffering is spared when we can transform our burdens into blessings. ~Jaeda DeWalt

I am hopelessly complicated... drawn toward multidimensional experiences, enjoying the blessings and surviving the pitfalls, of an overactive mind. ~Jaeda DeWalt

Love wilts under the weight of possession. Love is not something to be clutched tightly in the hand. Love is a living breathing entity. For some, romantic love comes in seasons… for others, love is a lifetime spent with one person. And for still others, love is something that comes and goes as it pleases, over a lifetime, ebbing and weaving, like the tide. ~Jaeda DeWalt

I like that moment when i end a photo-shoot and can start going through my pictures and i don’t recognize the woman staring back at me. The hair, clothes and make-up transform me into the woman i need to be, to express my feelings and sometimes… that woman needs a disguise. ~Jaeda DeWalt, Photographer

Through our friendships we are blessed to be; great healers, story tellers, students of life, scholars, therapists, motivational speakers and love, in its dearest form. ~Jaeda DeWalt

Part of the bliss of creating, for me, is channeling the torrent of mental noise flooding my mind… as the current of thoughts slows to a soothing hum. I am no longer at the mercy of my reactions, in this blissful state. It’s part of why i go a little mad when i go long periods without creating new work . My spirit thirsts for it… the process feels meditative, trance-like, as everything else, fades into the background. ~Jaeda DeWalt

Flirting with fantasy… flirting with pain… through my photography, i am allowed to explore the duality of my complex nature and for few a magical moments, almost make sense of it… ~Jaeda DeWalt, Artist

I am in awe of the weightless wonder of dreams, free from the limitations of my body, i feel most spiritual when suspended in the subconscious state of sleep. ~Jaeda DeWalt
Sleep deprivation is physically miserable and creatively cathartic, as internal landscapes rise up from their dormant ashes. ~Jaeda DeWalt

When we are self-aware, we are able to reach beyond ourselves and objectively assess others… allowing us to meet them where they are at and see into their needs, their struggles and understand the way they experience life, even if it is vastly different, from the way we experience, our own lives. ~Jaeda DeWalt

It is empowering when we can stand in who we are, no apologies. It’s better to surround ourselves with people who accept and respect us, just as we are, rather than be alienated from ourselves, and liked by most, for whom we pretend to be. Those that are meant to be in our circle of friends will lovingly embrace us, in our totality. ~Jaeda DeWalt

In my world, innocence is precious and sweetness is king, as these were the two priceless things that disappeared into the shadows of my darkened childhood. I see glimpses of that lost innocence and the desire to reclaim it, manifesting, as soft visual whispers, in my art. ~Jaeda DeWalt

From the internal struggle magnificent things are conceived. I do not like these periods of depression i fall into… it’s during these times i feel like i am trying to run in molasses. I feel guilty for my lack of productivity, for sleepy days and hazy nights. These depressions force me to rest, to face my shadows. I would burn out, were i to remain in a manic state, all of the time. Eventually the clouds clear, the sun comes out, and like a Phoenix, i rise from the ashes and start again. ~Jaeda DeWalt

We are all connected, when we can connect to the heart-space within we are able to tap into universal love. We are magnificent, ever-expanding, ever-evolving, open vessels of love and creation. ~Jaeda DeWalt

I feel like this world we inhabit as mere mortals is an illusion, this existence we refer to as reality. I feel most real, connected and true, in the dream realm, that’s where i am free to be, no fences, no borders, unbound. ~Jaeda DeWalt

My bed has become a comforting cocoon, a warm womb, i do not wish to leave. The weighted veil of sleep blankets me… this is how depression, comes to me at first… as an irresistible urge to sleep, a need to avoid the waking world, as much as possible. Perhaps psychic wounds are healed while i dream… ~Jaeda DeWalt

Our struggles can be lessons-in-disguise, giving us the chance to exercise our spiritual muscles and move to a place of greater awareness and understanding. ~Jaeda DeWalt

A child’s innocence is the one gift, that once stolen, can never be replaced. ~Jaeda DeWalt

As a child, my imagination saved me, it was my escape, my safe sanctuary. As an adult, my imagination heals that hurt little girl inside of me… liberating her, by giving her a voice. I am continually captivated by the positive power of creativity. ~Jaeda DeWalt

When i fail to speak up, to express myself and remain true, my silence becomes emotionally deafening and i can feel the little universes, inside of me, going dim… ~Jaeda DeWalt

Pain thrives in shadows, secrets and solitude. ~Jaeda DeWalt

A fulfillment based existence can be a beautiful extension of happiness, instant gratification and escapism are its poor substitutes… as they are temporary and fleeting… they will inevitably let you down. ~Jaeda DeWalt

Creation is a curious creature… i love the way she intoxicates the imagination and breathes sweet life into the heart and soul. ~Jaeda DeWalt

Grace is darkness and light, peacefully co-existing as illumination. ~Jaeda DeWalt

Happiness is a state of mind, a choice, a way of being and perceiving. Happiness is not an absence of pain, trial or tribulation. But rather, having the peace of mind and place of spirit, to be calm underneath the chaos, of the human experience. ~Jaeda DeWalt

Harmony is about bringing things into balance and knowing how to go from sunrise to sunset. Mother Nature teaches this to us, in so many ways, each and every day. ~Jaeda DeWalt

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