Interview with the Creative Affirmations Website Author

Get a special peek at the author of the creative affirmations website. Danea Horn is definitely one of a kind and she has some remarkable insights to the world of affirmations, how to use them, what not to do and how you can get the most out of them. In this interview she shares with us a little about herself and what you can do to use the same power she uses to fuel her positive life. You're gonna love this interview.

Interview with Danae Horn

Q) On your website you focus on the power of affirmations. Do you recall the first time you were introduced to affirmations and could you share that experience with our readers.

A) From before I can remember, my parents exposed me to the idea that our thoughts become our reality. When I was in 5th grade, I joined a New Thought Spirituality Center where I would help with the youth program. During that time, I first began reading the works of Earnest Holmes. While I was too young to study to become a practitioner, I did receive homework assignments where I was supposed to read a section of the book “Science of Mind” and then summarize what I had read in an essay. The highlight of my years at that center was giving a talk to the children where I used the story of the little engine that could. My message was that rather than say “I think I can, I think I can…” the engine should have said “I know I can, I know I can…” 

One of my most striking earlier manifestations was going to college. After I visited the University of Redlands, I was smitten. I knew that that was the college that I would attend. My mother was concerned that the private university cost $26,000 per year that we did not have. I did not let that deter me and affirmed that I would be attending Redlands. I knew it with every fiber of my being. As it was getting closer to the time to look at financial aid and pick a school, I interviewed for a $2,000/year scholarship. The interview went well and I put it out of my mind. A few weeks passed and one afternoon I received a call. It was a representative from the scholarship committee. He informed me that I had received a scholarship, but not for $2,000. They had a secret award for a select few students and I was one of them. The scholarship was for $10,000 per year, each year. With the rest of my financial aid and a few other scholarships, I attended Redlands free of charge or loans. When belief is strong enough, amazing things happen. 

Q) What is one tip you could share with our readers to get the most out of using affirmations?

A) The biggest tip I have is to make sure you are affirming the right thing. Many times what we think we want is not truly what our heart desires. For instance, years ago I wanted to pay off some credit card debt. Rather than affirm that I was debt-free, I affirmed love. The debt was causing a lot of stress and overshadowing the love between me and my husband. When I pictured what “debt-free” looked like, I realized that it looked like unconditional love. When I began affirming love, being grateful for love and visualizing love, we had an unexpected increase in income and the debt was gone in 6-months without changing our spending habits. 

When you have a situation that you want to improve, ask yourself what your true desire is. What is the feeling you will get in your new reality? I have found that most things come back to wanting love: love for others and love for ourselves. 

Q) You talk about affirmation pitfalls at as well, what is the biggest mistake you see others do in relationship to using affirmations.

A) The biggest mistake people make is not using them. Affirmations only work if they are repeated frequently with emotion. It is the repetition and emotion that creates new neural connections in your brain which causes new beliefs and behaviors; those lead to a new reality. Saying an affirmation once will not do anything. If you avoid saying them because it feels superficial or like you are lying to yourself, make sure you are affirming something that you can believe to be true. For instance, if “I am wealthy” feels like a lie, try “I choose to be wealthy” or “I have the potential to be wealthy” or “I am getting wealthier each day.” 

Q) You also talk about vision boards on your site. What is one key element in using vision boards effectively that you could share with us?

A) There are two key elements: 

First is choosing pictures that stir emotion. Affirmations coupled with images become very powerful because emotion is the energy that creates change. 

The second is actually looking at the vision board. Similar to the biggest affirmation pitfall above, sometimes vision boards can blend into the background of the room. Take time each day to really focus on the images and feel what it will feel like to participate in the reality that they depict. 

Q) You are an author, speaker and a Life coach. If my readers were in need of a life coach how could they contact you and what questions would you recommend they ask you to see if your coaching is the right fit for them?

A) The biggest thing to become aware of when you are first meeting with a life coach is the rapport that you have with the coach. Coaching is an amazing process that can be revealing, challenging and transformative. It is imperative that you trust your coach enough to be open and honest with them. Change moves more quickly if the client feels comfortable enough to be truly honest with themselves. During a consultation with me, you will have an opportunity to be coached which will give you a feeling for my style and the rapport that we have together. 

It can also be helpful to know a bit of the coaches background. While coaching is not advice giving or consulting, working with a coach who has “been there, done that” can give them insight about patterns, challenges and questions to ask that can be pertinent to your situation. Also, a coach who has a personal interest or background in an area you are struggling with has probably done lots of reading and research on the topic and they can point you to some additional helpful resources. 

Contact me for a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation by e-mailing or call (800) 531-6183. 

Q) Do you have anything else you would like to share with our readers?

A) The last thing I would offer is that intellectually understanding affirmations, positive thinking, visualization, etc… is very different than practicing it. As humans, we have a propensity to want an easy fix; however, change only comes when we actually change, not just understand that change is possible or how to change. My advice is to pick one new habit, just one. It could be one affirmation to say throughout the day, or meditating for 20 minutes in the morning or creating and looking at a vision board daily. By cultivating discipline to put positive thinking into practice not only will you change your circumstances but your confidence will skyrocket as well. 

I hope you have enjoyed this interview with Danea Horn as much as I have. I want to thank Danea for sharing herself with us. It is through this kind of sharing of oneself that we grow as individuals, while at the same time touching the lives of those we share with. I hope you follow Danea’s lead and share yourself with others. It will benefit not only them, but you as well.

If you would like to see more of what Danea Horn has to share please visit her website creative affirmations I really think your gonna like it. I know I do.

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