Contacting Spirit Guides Meditation

Contacting spirit guides can be a different experience for different people. People see their spirit guides in different forms. Some see them as human like figures while others see a glowing light and still others see a outline of a person. Some people don‘t see them at all, but hear them, or feel them.

What to Know Before We Start

contacting spirit guides meditation

Don’t judge what you see or don’t see. When contacting your spirit guides, you will know that they are present. Each one of you will have a very different experience because each one of you is different and unique. 

Some of you will have only one spirit guide while others will notice that they have more than one. This is normal, even though we all have more than one guide. When we contact spirit guides, it is natural that only one will communicate with us at any given time.

So, now that you know a little about spirit guides, let’s get on with the spirit guide meditation.

Contacting Spirit Guides, Guided Meditation

  • Take a deep breath in…then out…
  • In and then out. Repeat this several times paying close attention to your breathing.
  • Now, relax your body starting from your toes and making your way all the way up to the top of your head. Take as much time as you like.
  • Make sure you are fully relaxed.
  • Now, imagine yourself in a field along side a pond.
  • Can you see the green grass flowing in the wind?
  • Listen to the water as it flows over the rocks and the birds singing in the distance.
  • Look at the top of the hill and watch as the foggy mist moves over a solitary tree.
  • I want you to walk slowly towards that tree and then up over the hill past the tree where you will find a clearing with a gazebo painted white.
  • Walk up the stairs to the gazebo and waiting for you at the top of the gazebo stairs is your spirit guide.
  • What does your guide look like? Is your guide male or female?
  • What is your guides name? Don’t worry, they will tell you, just ask. Take the first name that comes to your mind. If you do not relate to that name you can always change it. Don’t worry, they don’t mind, this is all about you.
  • Now, take your guide by the hand as you both walk down the stairs and across the field.
  • You can ask your guide anything you wish.
  • You may receive the answer right away or you may find that it is revealed to you throughout your day.
  • Spend as much time with your spirit guide as you choose. When you are ready slowly move your toes and fingers and then open your eyes.

If you did not see your spirit guide this time, don’t worry. When contacting your spirit guides, some people may need a little practice. Contacting your spirit guides is not a science and everyone experiences this event differently, it is important not to judge your experience.

I hope that this meditation has helped you in your quest to contact your spirit guide.

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