Bumps in the road lead to change!

by Julia G.

I have had many bumps in the road in my 40 years. These bumps have included divorce, loss of my children to social services, and negative relationships with family members.

These bumps have led me to start looking for something that could help me change. It all came to a head when my health started failing. I decided to step out of the box and now I'm using "Tapping (EFT) for weight loss" and other positive changes, "The Law of Attraction and Universal Laws," Marilyn Jenett "Feel Free to Prosper" and "Think and Grow Rich for Women" by Sharon Lechter.

Using these tools I am realizing the need to set goals, write those goals daily. Write, think and say positive affirmations daily. And most of all to start dreaming again. I had lost my dreams and I'm so excited by the prospect of learning to dream again and to realize those dreams.

Most of all I'm excited to help others achieve their dreams and fulfill their goals with the business opportunity that literally dropped in my lap. Stay positive and start changing your vibration and your attitude and things will start to happen in a more positive way.

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