10 Benefits of Visualization
"The importance of visualization"

There are many benefits of visualization and on this page you will discover 10 of those benefits and why it is important to visualize. I’m sure once you start visualizing, you will discover your own benefits, but for now I will discuss the 10 benefits I have found.

Now The Benefits 

benefits of visualization
  1. Stress relief benefits : Visualization is a form of relaxation. The simple act of quieting your mind and visualizing something reduces the amount of stress you are constantly bombarded with on a daily basis. So, if you do not visualize for any other reason, I recommend you do it for this one.

  2. Joy: Visualizing something that you want to have or want to experience can bring great joy into your life. We may not be in the position right now to do or have what we want, but we can visualize it. This is the next best thing to actually having it or doing it. Our minds don’t know the difference in visualization and actually having or doing a thing, so it will respond in the same way it would if you where actually experiencing that which you are visualizing.

  3. No limitations: With visualization there are no limitations. You can be and do anything. You can live in the house of your dreams, drive the car you want, be married to the love of your life and travel to exotic places. Not all of us get this luxury right now, but when we visualize, we have the power to visualize whatever we want without limitations.

  4. Improved focus: When you quiet your mind to visualize, you are actually improving your ability to focus. You no longer are bound by the restrictions of your day. The more you visualize, and the better you get at it the better your overall focus becomes.

  5. Inspiration: You can gain inspiration and you can become inspired to take action toward your dreams by taking the time to visualize them. We are more likely to believe in and to move forward toward or dreams, if we can actually see them as possible and visualization can do that for us.

  6. Self confidence booster: As we visualize and see ourselves having and doing the things we want, we begin to become more confident in ourselves. The more confident we become in ourselves, the more we start to do and be, which in turn, builds even more self confidence.

  7. Goal achievement: As we have seen above, visualization can help us to have greater focus, it can inspire us, and it can help build self confidence. With all of this it becomes easier for you to achieve your goals, not to mention you are seeing yourself accomplish these goals in your mind’s eye so your mind starts to believe you can accomplish these goals and starts the process towards those goals.

  8. Mood booster: Naturally, if we are becoming more confident, relieving stress and experiencing more joy then our mood is going to increase as well. Any time I finish visualizing, I feel calm, relaxed and extremely happy. I feel like I can do anything. These are the true benefits of visualization.

  9. Practice and rehearse: Even on a rainy day you can practice pitching, or running, or swimming all in your mind. It has been proven that visualizing yourself doing something is just as effective as actually doing it and in some cases even more so. Combining creative visualization with actual physical practice can catapult your results.

  10. Health benefits of visualization: You can actually visualize yourself getting better. You can visualize your body rebuilding itself, and in turn, your body will begin to respond. The other benefit is that the act of visualizing, no matter what it is your visualizing, reduces stress, relaxes the mind, and increases our overall mood which in turn lowers our blood pressure and allows our body to function at full capacity.

Like I said above, you will soon discover your own benefits of visualization and the importance of visualization, but if you need a reason to get started, you now have 10. 

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