Believe In Yourself

All of my life I have always thought if I had confidence in myself and worked to the best of my ability I could get any job or position that I applied for. This has really proven to be true for me. Right out of high school I applied for a job as secretary to a farm manager. I was accepted for that job and worked for two years until I married and moved to a farm.

After 20 years of having a family of seven children and living on a farm, my husband and I moved to a small city some 120 miles away. All of our children but one were in school so I decided to look for a job. The first job I applied for was in a civil engineer’s office as a secretary and receptionist again. Since it had been 20 years since my last job, I decided I had better tune up my shorthand and typing skills. Whether that helped or not, I don’t know, but I did get the job. I worked at that office until the company decided they needed to move to a larger city nearby. The partners asked me to go with them, but I just couldn’t see myself driving everyday and still maintaining a home with a husband and seven children.

Shortly thereafter a half day’s position opened up at our local bank, and I applied for and got that job. I worked there for two years, and then with one of my children in college and the others all in school, I decided to apply for the school board secretary position that opened up. Again I was fortunate to be offered that job.

When my husband retired, he accepted a job in a nearby town as a courtesy driver for a car dealership. We moved to that town and I had to look for a different job again. At this time I was 52 years old and still confident that I could perform any duties asked of me. A law office in this town was looking for a legal secretary so I applied for and got that job. I worked in the law office for over 15 years until I retired.

We moved back to the smaller city and I have worked at several part time volunteer and paying jobs since then. Right now, at age 81, I am the substitute city clerk for our city. I think that shows if you have confidence and work hard, you can find any position you want.

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