Being positive "weeds" out the negatives

by Brittany Hawkins
(Indiana )

Positive thinking has made a great impact on my life and it has only been for the better, of course. In 2008 I was arrested for dealing marijuana. I had just turned twenty a few months before; the police raided my mom's home in October.

I was arrested October 19, 2008 by turning myself in. The officers had been told that I had trash bags full of marijuana in my mother's basement. To the cops disappointment I did not. They found four and a half ounces of marijuana along with many different smoking devices. They scared my mom with the treat of taking my sister and that is why in the end I turned myself in.

If I would have had a negative attitude going into this experience I would not have been as successful as I have been. I am now drug free and have been since April 2009. I was saved by Jesus Christ on March 29, 2009 and He plays a large part in my success. Having a positive attitude has made my life so much better.

When I was doing drugs I was so negative; I did not care about my life or any others life. I had to change not only for myself but my unborn child. Being positive has weeded out all of the negative people in my life, I just do not want to be around them! I am not stressed and I am ultimately happy with myself. Being positive has definitely made me a better person over all.

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