As I Sit

by S Snay

I sit in quiet mind, slowing down my racing mind, my racing thoughts. Slowing down as I notice a new day has come for me. The light, the sun and the still quiet morning. I breath in a wonderful breath of air and holding it for a few moments then releasing any tightness. I sit here knowing of the many children and the many people unable to have food. They are taking their last breath of life as the my thought occurs. I allow myself to feel love for them and their spirits. I move to the food that is so easily available to me. I feel the gratefulness for the sunrise that I have the pleasure of seeing today plus so much more.

I sit here today remembering the family who's child was hit by a car while taking a walk one afternoon and was paralyzed and brain damaged. The every moment of his pain, his parents every moment changed forever, their suffering for his pain, daily financial debt not having insurance, never ordering a coffee from their favorite café that they once visited daily. I feel inside and send my love from within to them. I am grateful that I have the ability to enjoy a cup of coffee each day, have children that laugh and play and love, to have medicine to relieve their pains and illnesses, to be in debt much less if not at all, to have the money for my insurance, pay my bills and have food each and every day!

I sit here today knowing the pain and suffering of the people in this world. I dare to complain of my struggles and dare to worry and stress. The negatives that surface around me and that do occur from time to time, make me realize every moment I have choice to be grateful. I have an abundance of reasons to be thankful for my life and all that surrounds me. The amazing beauty is right in front of me. Loving myself, my spirit within unconditionally so that I may radiate my love to all that is, in my unconditional way. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you My Almighty One - My God for the reminders as I sit and shed tears of thanks for all that I have to be so grateful for. S.Snay The Mind and Body 04.03.2014

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Dec 06, 2014
Love This Picture! NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your beautiful prayer of reminding to be grateful no matter what.

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