Amby's Bike

by Elvira
(Katy, Texas)

My daughter is Amby is 7 years old and very active. We live in an apartment community where there are many children. One night after a long day I came how. It was late since I had just come home from my son's baseball game. Amby was not here usual self. I served her dinner and relaxed. Then she told me that her bicycle was stolen that night. Amby loves riding her bicycle. She was heartbroken and worried that she would getl in trouble. I assured her that she was not in trouble and that Santa Clause would probably get her a new bicycle. But, this did little to comfort her since Christmas is still three months away. She went to bed crying.

The next morning as was my custom I was walking our American bulldog Misty before I would take Amby to her bus stop. As I took Misty the opposite route that I normally took. As I was walking her I noticed a bicycle that was thrown on the ground. The more I looked I noticed it looked just like Amby's bike. The closer I got I realized the miracle that it was her bicycle after all. Probably one of the kids borrowed it and just left it outside.

A Mother's prayers were answered as well as a little girl's.

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