Always Keep Going

by Brian Reiss
(Central New York)

I have been well off and also stuck in hell. Going from the days I served in S.E. Asia, I came back and managed to work my way up and bought a home and raised a family. Various circumstances in the economy and my own errors in judgment made me lose my home. Unable to find employment, our family was on welfare for many years. I never gave up and started my own business and had some small success. Still that was temporary and welfare was reapplied.

I finally got back into the workforce and found myself stuck at basic survival. One thing led to another and worked as an engineering technician, but that was still just over broke.

Being subjected to chemical fumes and heavy metal toxins made me ill and caused partial blindness. OSHA shut the company down and left me on unemployment. Still I have not given up. I have zero income and have exhausted my unemployment, so even though I'm really feeling stuck, I have faith that abundance is Gods promise.

Daily I read and meditate and have moments of inspiration. Always keep going, never give up! Personal Improvement books and audios have helped me avoid suicide so I believe that I am here to help others that have problems move forward to find the abundance that is truly at hand.

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