Affrimations to get a job

by siva

I lost my job four months back. No matter how hard I try I am not able to succeed. I got 4 offers in these four months and lost them in last minute. Please suggest me some positive affirmations to get job.

I know that job searching can sometimes be stressful, so first just take a couple of deep breaths and let yourself settle. Hear are just a few affirmations to get a job and not just any job, but the perfect job.

I am a money magnet

The perfect job is waiting for me

I am well qualified in my field and the perfect position is just waiting fore me to come along.

During interviews I am professional poised and confident.

I am in high demand

My skills and talents are what every employer wants

I exceed the expectations of potential employers

I am the kind of person that breaths a since of fresh air into those who interview me.

I leave potential employers excited and eager to work with me.

I am attracting my dream job to me everyday in every way.

I hope the above affirmations work for you. If one does not feel right for you then use another one. If they all feel right then use all of them. Also, if you work in a particular field or have a specific skill or talent you most want to focus on add that to one of the affirmations. You can also create your own affirmations simply by using these on the page as examples that you can adapt or change until they feel right for you and you specific situation.

I hope I have been of some help and I wish you much success.

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