Affirmations - Length and time

I wanted to know how long a written affirmation should be and how many times in a day we should read them and are we suppose to mention the date of achieving the goal.

I have found my love and now we are planning to marry each other by this year end so can you suggest some affirmations that can bring more and more of love, happiness, care, sincerity, and loyalty among us. Please do reply to my message as i am anxiously waiting for your reply madam.

Stay blessed and be showered with the grace of God.


Hi HT,

First I would like to congratulate you on finding your love. That is a wonderful feeling and it is a magical time in anyone’s life.

Affirmations, Length and Time

Affirmations should be short enough to remember and long enough to say everything that is important. There is no specific rule to the length, but one or two sentences is best.

A good rule of thumb is to write out what is important to you to convey in the affirmation and then look at it and ask yourself how can I make this affirmation shorter and still say what is important. You will know you have the right length when you say your affirmation aloud and it makes you feel that which you want the affirmation to reinforce.

As far as how many times a day you should say the affirmation. The general rule is 3 times a day for a minimum of 30 days. Once when you first arise in the morning, once right before bed-time and once throughout your day. It never hurts to say your affirmations more than this, but no less than this.

Your mind is most receptive first thing in the morning after you rise and also right before you drift off to sleep, so those two times of day are very key. The third time should be a time of day when you can focus on your affirmation and reflect on it for just a minute or two without distractions. You don't need a lot of time, the important factor here is that you don’t just say the affirmation, but feel it as well.

Mixing your affirmations with emotion is where the real magic is in reciting affirmations, so make sure you give yourself that moment to really feel what you are saying to yourself.

30 days is also key because it takes the mind 30 days to create a new habit or to introduce a new constant into the mind.

Useing Dates in an Affirmation

If you have a specific goal in mind, like marriage, having a date is key and adding that date to your affirmation will only make it that much more real. I highly encourage this.

Example of a Good Affirmation with Dates

I am looking forward to marring my love on Jan 8th 2013 and I am doing everything needed to be ready for that day.

I am moving closer and closer to my dream of marring my love on March 18th 2013.

Everything I need to marry my love on April 15th 2013 is falling into place at exactly the right moment.

Other Good Affirmations For Love

Below are just a few affirmations that might work well for you to express love, happiness, care, sincerity and loyalty. Remember, affirmations should make you feel what it is you want most, so personalizing your affirmations is important.

Feel free to use any of the ones below if they feel right to you and dismiss the rest or take one of these and alter it to fit you specifically.

You can combine one or two of these together or you can shorten one, you can replace just one word or use one of the examples to guide you in creating your own affirmations.


My relationship with (place the name of your love here) is full of love, kindness and respect.

My relationship with (place the name of your love here) is caring, sincere and full of love and happiness.

(place the name of your love here)are growing more and more in love with each passing day.

(place the name of your love here)share a relationship full of love, happiness, and sincerity.

I grow happier and happier everyday in the relationship with (place the name of your love here)

I am full of love and happiness and it shows in all my relationships.

I am a loyal, sincere and caring person full of love and happiness.

More about Affirmations

If you still have more questions. There are great resources on this site that you might enjoy as well. For example if you would like to know more about creating your own affirmations. or for more examples of affirmations of love that might resonate with you even more than the examples above.

I wish you all the luck and love in the world.

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