affirmations for marriage

by viji



I am in love with one person.

of course we both love each other very much

About marriage his parents accepted

but my parents are not able to accept,thinking about the society.

i need affirmations for marriage, which could change my parents mindset and they accept our love.and we both get married



Hi Viji,

First I will give you affirmations for marriage and love. Second I will give you affirmations for a positive relationship with your parents, but first this.

The Universe will work in it's own way, I will give you affirmations for marriage, but you may have to decide what is more important to you. The marriage or your parents approval. You see we can not change the oppinions or beliefs of others, we can only be the best we are and allow them to to see this and make up their own minds. We can not change how others are towards us until we change how we are toward them or how we view them. It is possible to have a good relationship with your parents without their approval.

It is important to understand this. You must first be understanding of their views even when you do not agree with them. Until this happens you will always be on the outside making hollow wishes, because they are on the other side hoping you will see that they are right and you are thinking you are right. We have to let go of right and wrong and just love them for who they are and what they believe. Embracing your parents and letting them know you understand their side is the best way to win them to your way of thinking.

Be sure they know you understand their fears of society and that you respect those fears. Do this in a way that does not take away from who you are, but lifts up who they are.

Now on with the affirmations...

Affirmations For Marriage

I have found my love and my love has found me and we shall be joined in holy matramony.

insert the name of your partner and I are getting married.

My partner and I show our love for one another in our marriage.

My partner and I are joined together in love through our marriage.

My partner and I are bound together in love and marriage.

My partner and I are dedicated to one another in our marriage to one another.

Our love is stronger than any obsticles we may face together.

In marriage and in life we are partners.

I AM open to marrying the Love of my Life.

I welcome a perfect and Loving marriage into my Life.

I AM grateful to God for my beautiful and Loving marriage.

I am blissfullyin my married.

I have given you several marriage affirmations above to choose from. you can use the one that feels most appropriate to you or you can choose to use several of them the choice is yours. Now here are a few affirmations to affirm your positive relationship with your parents.

Affirmations for a positive relationship with your parents

My parents and I are respectful of one another and we rejoice in that common respect.

My parents and I are open and honost with one another.

My parents and I accept one another for our differences.

I have a loving relationship with my parents.

My parents are very supportive of me and my life choices.

My parents and I are happy in each others happiness.

My partner and I have a loving relationship with my parents.

My parents embrace my partner and I and we embrace them.

I hope these affirmations for marriage and affirmations for a positive relationship with your parents will guide you. Ask yourself what you most want and choose the affirmations that feel right for you.

I wish you and your partner all the love and success. I wish you a life full of love and happiness.


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Jul 25, 2019
Abcd NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a friend he loves me,even I love him but he is scared of his family and commitment saying his parents are orthodox but I want to marry him at any condition as soon as possible because in my home they are searching a guy for me I want affirmations for all these to overcome can you please guide me Mam..

Nov 07, 2018
for getting married NEW
by: Anonymous

Pls give me affirmation for getting arranged marriage soon

Jul 28, 2018
My partner's parent acceptance NEW
by: Priya

Mam, these affirmations really give a very positive energy. But I have a doubt mam, if I read these affirmations, whether this can help to make my partner's parent accept me? Help me mam. Thank you mam

Apr 09, 2017
Marriage NEW
by: Nisha

Mam i want to marroed as soon as possible its going to arrange but my family don't work in this direction seriously i want strong affirmation to happens my marriage soon ..

May 27, 2013
Need Marriage Affirmation
by: Deepak

Hi Mam,
I need your help for marriage affirmation to get the married soon & preserve it for my whole life. Also let me know how many time I have to practice this in a day & How many days for excellent result?


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