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Do you need an affirmation of love or are you looking for love affirmations so you can discover a love worth finding? Either way, you have come to the right place. Below, you will find a list of affirmations you can put to use whether you are asking yourself how to find true love or asking how you can feel and have more love .

The following list will give you a variety of different love affirmations. It is up to you to choose the one that feels right to you. Remember, affirmations only work when they are believable to the person using them. Take your time, read over the affirmations I have provided below. Adopt the affirmation of love that feels right for you and leave the rest behind.

“Only in love are unity and duality not in conflict.”
~Rabindranath Tagore

List of Love Affirmations

  • Every day in every way my relationships are getting better and better and better.
  • I radiate love to those around me and in return they radiate love to me.
  • I do everything in a consciousness of love.
  • I spread love to all those that I meet and they spread love to me.
  • I am love and I treat myself as if I am love.
  • I am surrounded by people who love me and I give thanks for that love.
  • I allow love to find me easily and effortlessly.
  • I welcome love into my heart and mind every day and in every way.
  • I radiate with love and I share that love with those around me.
  • Love finds me in everything I do and it wraps me in a blanket of warmth.
  • I rejoice in the love I encounter everyday.
  • I attract long-lasting, loving relationships into my life
  • I am very grateful for all the love in my life
  • I attract love and romance into my life and I accept it now.
  • My partner and I are very much in love with each other.
  • Love is all around me.
  • I am now ready to attract and accept a happy, fulfilling relationship.
  • I express love freely.
  • The more love I give to others the more love is returned to me.
  • I only attract loving, beautiful people into my life.

So, there you have it. A whole list of loving affirmations. 

“But, I didn't see the love affirmation I was looking for.” Well, if you didn't see what you were looking for in our list, don’t worry you can create your own affirmation of love. Just visit our using positive affirmations page. It will show you the key elements for creating successful affirmations. I promise it’s not hard and you can still use our affirmations for inspiration.

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