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Hello, all. Glad you stopped by. I will tell you all about this site and how it came to be, on this page, but first let me introduce myself. My name is Bonnidette, I am 36 years old and I was born and raised in Missouri. 

I was first introduced to the ideas found on this web site when I was only 19, when a manager of mine gave me the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. I have been captivated ever since, reading everything I could get my hands on.

Over the years I have had some ups and downs, some highs and lows. Not unlike most people reading this. It seemed, however, when I was doing well, I would forget to practice the principles found on this site, because I was doing well, and then lo and behold, that’s when the lows would come knocking on my door.

I would then remember what had gotten me to the place I wanted to be and then I would start all over again. It seems the best parts of my life have been when I have studied and practiced those very things I am now sharing with you.

My life has been on the upturn for many years now. Each passing day, better than the one before. I know it is, because in the past years, I have held onto the principles laid out here on this site. 

I made my vision board and my goal charts for what I wanted to accomplish in the next few years. I greeted every day and said thank you to God for every little thing that was good in my life every day. I found the silver lining in everything I had just experienced and posted positive affirmations all over this little shack I called home.

Less than six weeks from posting my vision board and goal charts up in the kitchen, my life started to turn around for the better. I connected with old friends, started feeling more alive and six short weeks after that, I found a job in a field I have always loved. A year later, I purchased my first home. I now work in a field I love and own 2 websites, I have recently started dating the one person I have always envisioned being by my side in my future and I look forward to what is to come.

Now, not all of this happened overnight and there were some ups and downs, but I look at my lifes journey thus far and feel blessed every day. I didn't sit around and wait for my luck to change, however, I took control of my life, made some hard choices and held onto the principals you will find on this site.

So Why Build This Site?

I don't have a P.H.D. or a Master’s of Psychology. What I do have is a lifetime of experience. I have dedicated myself to the pursuit of happiness and I have not only had years of research and self study, but I have tested and personally tried the principles I teach about on this website. These principles are why I am successful at life.

Why am I sharing this information with you? It’s because if someone had not cared enough to share this knowledge with me I would not be the person I am today. I would not have the life I have today. You could say this is my way of paying it forward.

I'm not saying my life is without a hiccup now and then. My car still breaks down from time to time like anyone else’s. I sometimes have to work the weekends to meet a deadline, but I can say that I don’t worry about things as much. I am happy and not depressed and when financial situations arise, I always have enough money to cover them. Not everyone would say my life is perfect, but to me it is and isn't that what we all want, a life we deem worthwhile?

I am really enjoying building this site and I hope that you enjoy using it. I will continue adding to this site as long as I have something useful to share about positive thinking and I hope you will continue to visit this site often. I am wishing you all the best success in all aspects of your life.

Lot’s of Love and Success
~Bonnidette Lantz

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