A Train Journey

by phecs
(Nagercoil, India)

In india long route train journeys are troublesome if a berth is not reserved. I often happen to apply for train reservations at a short time. However, I keep a positive trend of travelling in any situation with a happy mood. Once I had to travel by a single train for four cosecutive days. It was a festive season so getting a reserved berth was beyond question. However, i bought a ticket with 'wait listed' resevation status. As usual I developed my mind that I would get a comfortable journey better than the one with a reserved ticket. I boarded the train and stood at the compartment gate. I cheerfully welcomed the reserved passengers and helped them with their luggage. By the time the train moved, many passengers in the compartment who had reserved seats came to me near the compartment doorway where I had made my seat on the floor & started communicating with me on various topics. They all were impressed with my positive and comforting answers. by evening, one of them offered me a seat reserved for his five year old son adjusting the child on his berth. This way, I had comfortably completed my four days journey.
This was not the first time my positive mind had helped me. I have observed that a positive mind practice helps us in our work, to control rigid people in public place or workplace, to carry out any task without burden.

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