A life full of experiences

by Julie
(Denver, Colorado)

I am grateful that I have been able to live the life I envisioned with little compromise and many wonderful surprises.

I'm grateful that I have found a kind, intelligent husband who is truly a nice person. I'm grateful that we were able to have kids without any complications, and I was blessed with a boy and a girl, who are both happy and healthy, and well behaved to boot (most of the time).

I'm grateful for this chance to live closer to my family and reconnect with my sisters and brother and parents and aunts and uncles. I wish I were more selfless and better at remembering birthdays and sending cards and making phone calls. That will be my goal in the next year. I must not waste this time to reconnect. I've been away so long and I used it as an excuse to ignore my family.

I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to go to college, and even more grateful that I was able to pay off my student loans with little to no stress within 6 years of graduating. Amazing these days.

I'm grateful that all of my financial troubles are actually self-made, and are only the little things. I don't have to worry about mortgage or bills or food, and if I find my paycheck stretched beyond its limits, its because I spent too much money on things I enjoy, like shopping. I'm grateful that we are at a point where we are truly financially secure, even if one of us loses our job.

I'm grateful that I've had the chance to travel the world a bit, and see countries on five continents. I think seeing other cultures has not only helped me with gratitude, but with patience and empathy as well.

I'm grateful for my job. I know so many others struggle to find work in their field that pays what they need and offers benefits. I have such kind, calm coworkers that somehow make me feel taken care of.

I'm grateful for my health. I've taken it for granted in the past, but as I grow older and the people around me seem to get sick, I'm grateful for my health.

I'm grateful that I'm an attractive person who has never struggled with body image or weight issues, and never suffered from teasing or bullying based on appearance (or for any other reasons, really, aside from that bitchy prima donna in high school who always had a comment on my clothes, but she ended up suffering depression).

I'm grateful that I don't have transportation issues. It doesn't seem like a high priority until you don't have a reliable car. It affects all other areas of your life, I think.

I'm grateful for the daily simple pleasures that I have the means to enjoy. Like a glass of wine, or going out to buy a small treat, or taking a long hot bath, or cooking my favorite foods, cuddling on the couch with my kids, reading a good book, finding cheap things at garage sales and thrift shops or even free from craigslist.

I'm grateful that my kids are doing well in school and making friends and in general are well adjusted.

I'm grateful for my new house, and especially grateful for the fireplace in the master bedroom.

I'm grateful for living in one of the most beautiful places on earth. And grateful that I have a garage so I don't have to scrape all of the snow off every day.

I'm grateful that we'll be getting a dog in a week.
I'm grateful for my sense of humor.

Okay, I think I'm done.

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