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The Security Guard and The Princess
August 04, 2012
Hi Everyone,

The Power of Giving

This month we will focus on the gift of giving. There is nothing more powerful than giving back. Giving of yourself is the most powerful tool you have and I encourage you to use it. In this months newsletter you will find great quotes about giving back, ideas for getting involved and giving of yourself and a touching story of how a simple act of kindness can make a huge impact. Be sure to read the story of The Security Guard and The Princess.

This Months Quotables:

Giving frees us from the familiar territory of our own needs by opening our mind to the unexplained worlds occupied by the needs of others. ~Barbara Bush

Service is the rent we pay for being. It is the very purpose of life, and not something you do in your spare time. ~Marian Wright Edelman

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” ~Sir Winston Churchill

Giving feels good. It is a form of healing. Not just for you as an individual, but for everyone. ~Jennifer Beals

I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver. ~Maya Angelou

Cool Stuff

I am extremely excited to share with all of you the fun new things coming to the site in the coming months. You will soon see a new look and feel to the site that is more pleasing to the eye and is easier to navigate.

Soon we will be adding even more great articles as well as new products your going to love to include $2 e-books (that’s right just $2 for some of the best positive books on the market and just for our visitors. I am also working on some free e-courses you will be able to take advantage of as well as some free printable’s and other very positive stuff so be sure to visit the site often over the coming months to see all the new additions.

This Months Positive Article

This is were we get to the grit. Most of the time you will find articles here from other authors as I like to share the knowledge of others that have touched me in some way because you get what I have to say on the website. Sometimes however, I have a burning desire to write something just for my newsletter subscribers. Either way this is where you will find the best positive articles.

The Security Guard and The Princess

Get creative and find your own way to give back. Sometimes it is the smallest of gestures that make the biggest impacts. Here is a story of an ordinary man who gives of himself in an extraordinary way with just a simple gesture.

Jim is a security guard at a theme park. He doesn’t make a lot of money and his job is not a glamorous one, yet he happily gets up every morning with a smile on his face and he is delighted to go to work. It is not the job he is paid to do that wakes the smile in this man, but the job he was born for.

Each morning he gets dressed and on his way out the door he grabs a small tattered notebook, one of many that he has collected over his 20 years as a security guard at the theme park and he heads off to work. He clocks in each morning at 7am and begins his rounds.

At 8am the doors of the theme park open and his real job begins. This is where the magic happens, he doesn’t just do the job he is paid to do, he is more than a security guard, he has found a way to give of himself. He takes out his tattered notebook, walks up to each little girl wearing a princess gown and asks the little princess for her autograph.

This may seem like such a little gesture, but to those little girls for just one moment they are real princesses and this humble man is a hero. This little act of giving of oneself has a major impact not just on the security guard or the little princesses that are asked for their autographs, but also on all those who witness this little bit of kindness in action.

It doesn’t matter what your job is, it doesn’t matter what you get paid to do, there is always a way you can give back. Get creative and ask yourself, how can I give of myself. I promise you once you start to give of yourself, even in a small way you will discover the magic power that is known only by those who give of themselves.

Simple Ways You Can Give Back

There are so many ways you can give back. Here are just a few to help get your juices flowing.

1) Grab several giant zip lock bags and fill them with all the little shampoos and lotions and little things you have gathered from your stay at hotels along with any travel size delights you might have, add some snack bars or coupons for a free bag of fries from the local fast food restaurant and bag all this stuff up into individual bags and keep them in your car to give to the homeless as you come across them.

2) Clip coupons, especially those that offer buy on get one and use the extras you acuire from the coupons to collect a box or two to give to your local food bank. This won’t cost you any more money, just a little time and the effort will pay back ten folds.

3) Find your local Habitat for Humanity and volunteer for a weekend to help build a house for someone in need.

4) Search for local charities with a simple online search. Find one that resonates with you and pledge to volunteer. You will be amazed at what you will find. I found a charity in my local community that looks for mentors for under privilege children that are aspiring writers. You help them write a book and the charity will have the book made for that child. What an amazing thing to be a part of. Find something that calls to who you are and give of yourself.

5) Pay for the coffee for the person behind you in line next time you are at a Starbucks getting your morning brew. You will be amazed at the ripple effect this will have on everyone who is touched by this random act of kindness.

6)Combine your community service with something you have always wanted to do. For example if you have always wanted to travel you might try going to to combine your love for travel with community service.

Share your Stories

Tell us how you give back or share with us a random act of kindness you have experienced and we will give you access to 10 free positive e-books. Learn more by visiting positive stories

If you have a specific question about positive thinking be sure to ask your question at ask a question, get an answer and I will be happy to share whatever knowledge I have on the topic. Thank you and I wish for you a month full of living life to the fullest.
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