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Here's Your Sign (that the law of attraction really does work)
May 04, 2014
Hi Friends,

Here's Your Sign

(That the Law of attraction really does work)

As always I am reading and trying to keep up with my positive attitude, which I must admit sometimes I struggle with. Over the past 6 weeks or so I have probably listened to 12 or more audio books on the subject of positive thinking, the law of attraction and manifesting my desires.

Yes, sometimes my mind wanders into the murky dark waters of negative thinking and it takes a train of positive influences to pull me back out of the dark. So, I took to it as if I was studying for a life saving exam.

Many of the books I listened to really had some meat I could seek my teeth into and slowly, but surely I began to emerge from my dark and lonely room of despair. It seemed as if they were all slowly, but deliberately leading me somewhere. Where I didn't know, but I could feel a shift happening so I went with it. Sure enough just yesterday it lead me to a book that just jumped off the page of at me. It was E2.

Its a great little book I recommend you pick up. It has 9 real life experiments you can use to prove once and for all that your thought really do create your reality.

Experiment # 1

So day one, I listen to the book up until the point it introduces the first experiment. In this experiment the author suggest you give the universe exactly 48 hours to show to you that this, “what you think about you bring about”, crud is for real. It tells you to ask the universe to bring you a sign. A neon sign that says without questioning that this is for real.

So, I set the intention and said o.k. God, if this really works I want a sign, I want a blessing of some sort and I want you to give it to me within 48 hours. I didn’t stop there though as I have come to the conclusion at this point that this stuff only works sometimes despite my writings that say otherwise. I admit it, my thinking has been a bit stinky lately.

So I said, "now God or Universe or whoever it is listening to me. This better be a sign I can recognize, the kind of sign that knocks me over the head with flashing lights saying “heres your sign.”

So, then I go about my day, like any other day. The grass needs to be mowed, so I start with the weed eating. As I get the motor of this thing a hum’in I start around the house and I am thinking about this sign I am suppose to be receiving and right in the middle of my deep thought I think to myself, you better put on some protective eyewear, you might get a rock in the eye.

I laughed a little and thought, where did that come from. After all I am a 37 year old woman who has been weed eating since I was a small child, tall enough to hold the dag gum machine upright. I never wear eye protection and I have never gotten a rock in the eye. So, on I went back to my thinking of this glorious sign I was going to receive, but this stupid notion of eye-wear would not go away and, SMACK a big ass rock flew up and hit me in the damn eye. That's right a big rock, right in the eye, while it was open. I flew back and dropped the weed eater and when I sat up and tried to open my eye all I could see where bursts of light at first.

What thought comes rushing to me next. “here's your sign”. O’ I was angry. I said, “ a blessing God, I wanted a blessing, not a rock in the eye.”

I went in got my sun glasses and finished up the yard. I kept thinking. Surely this isn't my sign. I will wait till the full 48 hours is up to receive my “sign”, that what you think about you bring about.

For the remainder of the day all I could think was if this is my sign, how on earth is it also, a blessing. Then a little voice said, “now you have something to write about that others can relate to.” So, here I am writing my story for all of you.

The Moral of the Story

The moral of the story. Well, there are a few. First, be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. I did ask to get hit over the head with blinking lights with a sign that what you think about you bring about and I did think about getting smacked in the eye with a rock after all.

The second is, keep your eyes open for the blessings in every situation. Listen to that little voice that is telling you something. If I hadn't listened to mine, you would not be reading this story.

And the third and final moral, or what you should take away from this little story is. Your thought really do produce things and events. So, I encourage you to try the experiment for yourself.

Start right now and give your higher power exactly 48 hours to produce a sign that this stuff really does work. Note the time and start immediately. Don’t ask for anything specific, but do be specific in what type of sign you would like, For instance, Dear God if this stuff really works please give me a pleasant surprise within the next 48 hours that I will know without question that this is my sign.

Notice how I said, “pleasant surprise” and not “knock me over the head”, I would hate for you to get a rock in the eye like I did just to prove that the Universe is listening to your requests.

Once you have completed the experiment, please email me by clicking on contact us and let me know how it went for you. I would love to hear about what types of blessings you were able to bring into your life in just 48 hours.

Happy experimenting, Bonnidette

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