Getting What You Really Really Really Want!

There are so many tools for positive thinking that so many have no idea where to start. Today I will put together for you an easy to use lifes game plan for getting what you really really really want. A step by step plan to put your biggest dreams into action. Are you ready? First a few quotes to get you pumped up.

This Months Quotables:

All our dreams can come true - if we have the courage to pursue them. ~Walt Disney

Dreams come true; without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them. ~John Updike

That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well. ~Abraham Lincoln

The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going. ~Ralph Waldo Emereson

When you determine what you want, you have made the most important decision in your life. You have to know what you want in order to attain it. ~Douglas Lurtan

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Cool Stuff

In this month newsletter I have put together a quick step by step how to, to reach any goal or dream. To get a better understanding of the concepts that I will lay out for you below I highly encourage you to read Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill. This is one of the greatest books ever written.

If you have an Amazon Kindle, you can download this book free. If not you can surely find a used copy for a very small price and I assure you, it is worth getting.

This Months Positive Article

This is were we get to the grit. Most of the time you will find articles here from other authors as I like to share the knowledge of others that have touched me in some way because you get what I have to say on the website. Sometimes however, I have a burning desire to write something just for my newsletter subscribers. Either way this is where you will find the best positive articles.

Getting What You Really Really Really Want

Are you ready? Do you know what you really really really want?

STEP ONE)Well, That is step 1. To get what we really really really want we must first identify what it is we want. This may seem simple, but most people have no idea what they really really reaaly want and that is why they never get it.

This has been me before. Sure there are things I wanted, but I was always afraid to commit to what I really really wanted because, what if tomorrow I really really really want somewthing else. If this is you. STOP IT. Stop worring if what you want is right or wrong or if it will change tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come. What we have is today, so ask yourself, what is it that I really really really want today?

I've learned if tomorrow does come I can always change my mind, but if I don't commit to what I want today I will never get it. So step One to getting what you really really really want is to decide what that is and commit to it.

STEP 2) Write it down. Thats right put it on paper. The written word is the most powerful tool we have. There is something almost magical that happens in the brain when we write down what we want. It makes our brain sit up and take notice. This is the first step to make a dream into reality. This is the first step to real commitment.

Be as specific as you can, for example if your dream is to own a new home. You would right down in my case the following: This is actually what I put on paper one year before purchasing my first home.

In one year I will be living in the house of my dreams. It will be structually sound,located in a good neighborhood, and it will be the ugliest house on the best block. It will be affordable, allowing to make repairs as I see fit. I can see it now. The house will need many repairs and updates, which I will make and in doing so, I will make the house my home, I will create a home I love and in turn it will be a great finanial investment. The neighbors will be happy to see me come because I will increase the value of their homes by turning this eye sore into the best house on the block.

I live in that house now and it has a new bathroom, new kitchen, new landscaping, a new front porch, new floors and many more updates and I did it all myself and I have increased the value of the home greatly. I also feel great pride in this home, because most of it I have created with my own two hands. This was my dream. What is yours?

STEP THREE) Make yourself a vision board and hang it where you will see it every day. The best vision boards are made with real photographs and incorporate words. My dream today is to work 100% for myself and to work where I want when I want earning a full time income with my websites. So my vision board is hanging in my office above my computer and it has photographs I got online of things such as women working on their computer on the beach and hanging in hammocks. I have pictures on money flowing out of compuetrs and affirmations such as "I'm rich, I'm rich, I'm rich", "I work were I want when I want", and "I am grateful for the beauty that is my life".

The simple act of finding images to support your dream, super charges your brains desire to mimic those images. The act of looking at this vision board is a constant reminder of your dreams. So, both the making of the vision board and the act of viewing it both play an important roll in reaching your dreams.

STEP Four) Find affirmations or create your own that support your dream. These can be big dreams or small dreams. They can be for one specific event or they can be for a complete life change.

Once you find one or two affirmations that feel right. Commit to reciting them daily. several times a day, for a minumum of 30 days. It is best to reciet these as you rise in the morning and just before going to bed.

When we speak what we want our brains and the univers go to work to make it happen. Why 30 days. Because research has shown that it takes thirty days for the brain to learn a new habbit.

STEP FIVE) Write out a detailed plan for acheiving your goals. Turn your dream into a goal.Set small goals to reach your ultimate goal.Be very specific when setting your goals. Make sure they are smart goals.

STEP SIX) Start today. Take the first step. Complete the steps above and then do one thing today that will move you closer to your ultimate dream. Then commit to taking one step tomorrow to get what you really really really want.

I hope you enjoyed this months newsletter. If you have a specific question about positive thinking be sure to ask your question at ask a question, get an answer and I will be happy to share whatever knowledge I have on the topic. Thank you and I wish for you a month full of living life to the fullest.

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