Don't let anger control your life

How is anger affecting your life? Is there something you can do about it? What is it that is making you angry or upset? Read the story at the end of the newsletter about the little boy who looses his temper. I think you'll really enjoy it and maybe find an insight you never noticed before.

This Months Quotables:

Anger makes you smaller, while forgiveness forces you to grow beyond what you were. ~Cherie Carter-Scott

90 percent of friction in our daily lives is caused by the wrong tone of voice. ~Author Unknown

I will not permit any man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him. ~Booker T. Washington

Speak when you’re angry and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret. ~ Lawrence J. Peter

When anger rises, think of the consequences. ~Confucius

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This Months Positive Article

This is were we get to the grit. Most of the time you will find articles here from other authors as I like to share the knowledge of others that have touched me in some way because you get what I have to say on the website. Sometimes however, I have a burning desire to write something just for my newsletter subscribers. Either way this is where you will find the best positive articles.

The angry little boy

There was once a little boy whom was very angry. He lost his temper repeatedly over every little thing that did not go his was. Distraught at his child’s anger the father came up with an idea to help his little man deal with his anger.

One day when the little boy lost his temper and started screaming, the father reached into his tool belt and pulled out his hammer and a handful of nails. He told his son, “every time you get angry and lose your temper I want you to drive a single nail into the fence out back.” That day the little boy drove 37 nails into the fence. Now that is an angry little boy his father thought, as he shook his head.

As the days went by, the father noticed his son was loosing his temper a little less every day and driving fewer and fewer nails into the fence. After about thirty days, his son came to his father very proudly and said , “dad it has been 2 days since I have lost my temper, so here is the hammer and the nails.”

His father thought about this offering and took the handful of nails, but told his son to keep the hammer and for every day that he does not loose his temper or get angry he should remove one nail from the fence. So, over several months one by one the nails the little boy had driven into the fence came out.

Finally the last nail was removed and once again the little boy went to his father and said, “ It has been months since I have lost my temper and all the nails are now removed from the fence, here is the hammer.” So, the father took the hammer and returned it to his tool belt. He took his son by the hand and they walked out back to the fence.

Father and son stood in front of the fence for a few moments and then the father asked his son, “ what do you see?” “ I see a fence with some holes in it,” said the little boy. His father bent down and said, “yes, the fence has many holes in it. Now when you get angry and say hurtful things, yell, scream and get carried away, that is like driving a nail into the fence. When you calm down and you apologize for the hurtful words, that is like taking the nail out, but there is still a hole left that can never be patched. “

Angry words, no matter how many times you apologize can never be taken back, you can never undo the damage they cause. So , my challenge to you is to think before you speak. If you get excited or angry about something, give yourself a chance to calm down and collect your thought before speaking. Stop driving nails into your fence hoping that removing them later will work out in your favor. In the end your left with a fence full of holes you can never make whole again.

I hope you enjoyed this months newsletter. If you have a specific question about positive thinking be sure to ask your question at ask a question, get an answer and I will be happy to share whatever knowledge I have on the topic. Thank you and I wish for you a month full of laughter.

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