3 things I am grateful for

by Mary Hernandez
(Il, USA )

1) I am grateful that my husband I still have jobs, when so many other people I know do not have a job. I can still get up every morning, go to work, provide for my family and pay most of my bills. Every day we can look forward to being productive, having medical and dental insurance. We have both had to take cuts in pay and cuts in hours but at least we still have a job. We are not rich and we struggle to make the money last from paycheck to paycheck like so many do, but hey, guess what? We have a payday coming again.

2) I am grateful that my daughter has a God given gift of music. Every morning she takes a shower and she starts singing and keeps singing until she goes to bed at night. She plays the violin, the piano and has a four range octave. She participates in plays, concerts, chorus and at age 15 has still not seemed to notice the opposite sex, at least not too much. I am blessed that I got to be her mother. She has crazy wild hair that refuses to be tamed, and yes we have tried everything, but I choose to think that that is just another part of her uniqueness, and I love her for that too. She makes me so proud when she performs. I usually go to the back of the room, I don't need to be up front, I go to the back to watch the surprised looks on people faces when this short, chubby, curly headed kid comes out on stage and then she belts out a tune that makes them sit up and take notice. Someone always says. Wow she can really sing, did you know that? Ha! Very funny, of course I did, but I let her show you instead of telling you.

3) I am grateful for my health and my family's health, a precious gift. My mother is 86 and still driving herself to the beauty parlor. I am grateful that my twin great niece and nephew who have autism, have been blessed to be beautiful children and at age 6, one is talking and the other is starting to talk, never mind how long it takes, each new day is a joy for these special kids. I believe that when a person has some type of problem that there is some of gift from God to be found within that person. Will they be a math genius, will they be a wonderful musician? Only time will tell, but with good health, you will have the time to find out.

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