by Peri Jayne Cole

Some years ago, attended Bob Proctor Seminar 'You Were Born Rich'. (Which meant Rich in potential of all things.)

That was my 'lightbulb' moment. I first came to understand about us all operating on a vibrational level, and the power and energy we possess.
My life to that time had been one succession after another of so-called failures, problems, stresses, real or imagined and all brought about by my own limiting beliefs and lack of belief. I had a poverty mentality and blamed everyone else for my circumstances.
I felt very unhappy, underserving and not feeling any of the potential everyone else seemed able to see in me.
I was an EXPERT, in the business of negativity, punishment, guilt, resentment and poor me mentality.

Then my lightbulb moment appears, and in that moment, so many things made sense. My belief in our awesome Creator is reignited, a slow, methodical journey of self discovery begins.

The fun story I want to share though, comes after I leave the seminar and am to fly home. I am shining like a beacon, with this new found knowledge, and like a reformed smoker, I want everyone to be touched with the benefits, so I am talking to everyone that responds to me at the airport, ( I was smiling and saying hello to everyone I met). You only have to imagine what it would be like to be sitting in your airline seat when everyone is boarding, and there this smiling blonde chatting to everyone on the way to her seat, probably being mistaken for a hostie, then saying hello across the aisle, once seated.

During the flight while I read my book, still smiling like a laughing hyena, something happens that has never happened to me before or since. The pilot asked everyone to take out their boarding pass, as we were going to play a game to guess the weather outside and win a prize.
I didn't have a clue what the temperature was, but I wrote something down, and based on the things I had learnt from Bob about the Law of Attraction that weekend, I knew I was going to win.

So I waited, sat there with that smile that was starting to make my face feel sore, and 'a knowing' that I was to win. 3 names where read out as winners, and MINE wasn't one of them. But wait, that's not possible, because as sure as the sun comes up tomorrow, I knew I was to win.

Next thing, the hostie came down the aisle and gave me a half bottle of champagne and a bag of nuts. When I asked what that was for: she said the Captain felt he had to give a "Booby Prize" and I was it. I let out a major yahoooo, fist in hand pounded the air and said 'Yes', I don't care what you call it, "I won". I just knew, the universe had manifested my desire.

I believe I could have 'walked on water' that day. Everything in my body was vibrant, alive and feeling very powerful.

That day, sparked further enthusiasm, and by January 2012, I will be living the dream I had from that day, to learn the universal laws and principles, live on my terms, and help others live theirs. I qualify as a Dream Coach, NLP Practioner and Sassy Entrepreneur.

Hope you enjoyed and had a smile on your face too.

Yours in vision, light and fun

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